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Duniya Vijay

Duniya Vijay is the professional name of the actor, Vijay Kumar. Vijay is an Indian Actor who predominantly works in the Kannada film industry. He entered into the film industry as a child artist and acted in a small role and he got a big break with the movie Duniya. He made himself as a producer and scriptwriter and got craze in the audience. Here at this place, we will cover Duniya Vijay biography, age, movies, e.t.c

Duniya Vijay Biography

Vijay is a popular Kannada film star fairly known as Kari Chirathe & Black Cobra. Vijay struggled a lot before becoming popular on screen. He started off as a junior film artist in the industry assaying small insignificant roles. His nephew Yogesh is also a popular Kannada hero.

Duniya Vijay Wife’s 

Kannada actor Duniya Vijay’s first wife Nagarathna has escaped from her house in Katriguppe after police went to arrest her on the charge of assault on actor’s second wife, Keerthi Gowda. On Sunday morning, police went to the house of Nagarathna but her daughter Monica did not open the door. Taking advantage of the situation, Nagarathna managed to escape from the house. Meanwhile, police have confirmed that the accused is on the run and efforts are on to trace her.


He was born on 20 January 1974 in Anekal, Karnataka, India. He is an Indian Actor, who appears in Kannada Film Industry. Duniya Vijay established himself as the most popular and commercially successful actors.


The height was approximately considered as 5 feet 5 inches.

Awards Received

  • Karnataka State Award
  • Suvarna Film Award
  • Filmfare Award
  • Udaya Film Award

Upcoming Movies

  • Kusthi (Kannada) : 2019.
  • Kariya, I Love You (Kannada): 2019.
  • Salaga (Kannada) : 2019.
  • Putta (Kannada) : 2019.
  • Kaveri Loves Kariya (Kannada): 2019.
  • Kariya Kanbitta (Kannada): 2019.
  • Ustaad (Kannada)

Connect with Duniya Vijay

Social Media is the most popular way to connect with your favorite star. He is active on all top social networking sites. We will share the profile of Vijay for top 3 Social media sites to help you connect with Duniya Vijay


A businessman, Actor, Sportsperson and everyone else uses Twitter to stay connected with their fans and important people. By posting and retweeting tweets you can gain attention and share your day to day activities connect with Duniya Vijay’s Twitter profile.

One of Duniya’s post on Twitter


A vast majority of the people are active on Facebook as it is one of the oldest and popular social networking site. Duniya Vijay is also active on Facebook just us so that he can share important news and keep contact With Duniya Vijay’s Facebook profile.

One of Duniya Vijay’s Facebook post


Instagram is currently the most popular and also the most used social media in the world. All thanks to the developers who present the app in such a pleasant way to connect to people and celebrities. Link to Duniya Vijay’s Instagram page.

One of Vijay’s Instagram post



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