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Dhadak Box Office Collection

Dhadak is a 2018 Hindi language Romance movie directed by Shashank Khaitan and produced by Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta. When we consider the Casting of this movie, the lead roles are played by Ishaan Khatter, Janhvi Kapoor, while the supporting cast includes Ashutosh Rana, Ankit Bisht, Kshitij Kuma, Aishwarya Narkar. The movie is released on 20 July 2018 across Worldwide, India with 1200 screens.

Cast & Crew

  • Director: Shashank Khaitan
  • Starring: 
    • Ishaan Khatter,
    • Janhvi Kapoor,
    • Ashutosh Rana,
    • Ankit Bisht,
    • Kshitij Kuma,
    • Aishwarya Narkar
  • Producers: 
    • Karan Johar,
    • Hiroo Yash Johar,
    • Apoorva Mehta
  • Release Date: 20 July 2018
  • Budget: 41 Cr

Dhadak has received great response from the audience. It can be one of the most successful movies for Ishaan Khatter, Janhvi Kapoor, Shashank Khaitan, and Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta.

Dhadak Worldwide Box Office Collection

Dhadak Movie Collected in opens good but its maintain gradually decreased. But overall Average collections in Worldwide Box office

1st Day Collection₹11.323Cr
2nd Day Collection₹14.352Cr
3rd Day Collection₹18.096Cr
4th Day Collection₹7.176Cr
5th Day Collection₹6.188Cr
6th Day Collection₹5.278Cr
7th Day Collection₹4.615Cr
8th Day Collection₹3.393Cr
9th Day Collection₹5.226Cr
10th Day Collection₹6.76Cr
Total Collection₹110Cr

Dhadak India Box Office Collection

Dhadak Movie collections in normal in India in initial days the movie collected in high collections but it doesn’t maintain that collection in Indian Box Office records.

1st Day Collection₹8.71Cr
2nd Day Collection₹11.04Cr
3rd Day Collection₹13.92Cr
4th Day Collection₹5.52Cr
5th Day Collection₹4.76Cr
6th Day Collection₹4.06Cr
7th Day Collection₹3.55Cr
8th Day Collection₹2.61Cr
9th Day Collection₹4.02Cr
10th Day Collection₹5.2Cr
Total Collection₹78Cr

Dhadak Hit or Flop?

Note: This Dhadak Hit or Flop analysis is based on our prediction of Dhadak at Box Office, as soon as the Box Office Collections are available for Dhadak, we update Dhadak Hit or Flop Report.
Dhadak is made with a budget of 41 Cr, the movie is expected t make around at Box office across Worldwide, India in 1200 screens. Based on this, the Hit or Flop(HOF) score for this movie is undefined, hence the movie can be considered as an undefined.

What is YouDem Hit or Flop Score(HOFS)?

HOFS stands for Hit or Flop Score for Dhadak. HOF Score is equal to Total Collection / Budget. We also consider the fact that there are distribution and financing costs involved up to 30% of the Production Cost. Below we are providing the scale based on which we have calculated that Dhadak is undefined.

  • HOFScore < 1.3 – Means The movie is a Flop
  • HOFScore between 1.3 and 1.8 – Means The movie is an Average Success
  • HOFScore between 1.9 and 2.5 – Means The movie is a Hit Movie
  • HOFScore greater than 2.5 – Means The movie is a Super Hit Movie

Dhadak Story, Review, Rating, Wiki

Dhadak Movie Official Trailer released on 10 June 2018 by Dharma Productions. The trailer reached to 62 M people. In the trailer Meet two passionate youngsters fall in love, so did their problems when their families reject their love. Broken between society and families, their fate becomes questionable but their love stands strong.

Madhu and Parthavi fall in love but face opposition from their families due to their differing social status. In a bid to unite, they elope with Parthavi’s father and brother on their tail.
Well, Dhadak is a classic romantic movie with a pinch of the cruel reality of life. Its a movie with a dark ending the same reason why everybody wouldn’t like it as movies with sad endings are never appreciated in Bollywood. As the lead actors, Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishaan are new to the industry, they have done justice to their characters completely, the Director Shashank Khaitan in the movie has some fine intense scenes. The first half is completely action-packed, the second part is quite slow as they had to show the reality of such scenarios, its quite different from other Bollywood romantic stories. One thing I will definitely mention is the climax, it’s mindblowing very well shot.

Dhadak Rating

  • Times of India = 3.5/5;
  • IMDB = 4.5/10.


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