Seven Changes made in fast and furious 8 from fast and furious 7- No more paul walker and Jordana brewster and Ronda Rousey


You all been waiting for the release of the Hollywood Movie fast and furious 8. The movie is going to hit the screens on April 14th, 2017. A lot of changes has been made in the film when compared with fast and furious 7. The main character of the film Paul Walker is no more the part of the fast and furious series. We all know he died in an accident during the film of fast and furious 7. Though they lost paul walker they somehow managed to show Paul Walker through the entire film. Now Let’s see the Changes made in fast and furious 8 from fast and furious 7


The main change rather than paul walker is the director of the movie. James wan was the director of the movie fast and furious 7. But the fast and furious 8 was directed by f. Gary grey. Gary was known for the movie the Italian job featuring Jason Statham.

While James wan was not also an ordinary director he is famous for the films. This man directed the top hit horror series conjuring.


There was no change in the producers, distributors of fast and furious 7 and 8. But there were some minor changes in production companies.

Bad guy

In the ff7 the bad guy is Jason. But in ff8 there is a small change there is no bad guy in this part there was the bad lady. The role of the bad lady was played by Charlize Theron. Also, Jason joins the team to defeat the bad women. Notably, Jason was the villain of ff7

Music director

There were no changes in the music. The music for both the parts was done by Brian Ttyler


There were minor changes in the budget of both parts. Ff7 was made at a budget of 151 Million us dollars. While the fate of the furious is made at a cost of 245 million dollars

Notably, this ff7 achieved a box office collection of 693 million dollars. Sixth highest box office collection of all time


Vin diesel the hero the previous parts of the fast and furious is the villain of fast and furious 8. It is due to the story. The hero is the team that going to save Vin diesel

Release date

Fast and furious 7 was released on April 3. While there is not a big difference in the release date  ff8 the fate of the furious is going to be released on April 14th

These are the few changes made in fast and furious 8 from fast and furious 7. Or more news about Changes made in fast and furious 8 from fast and furious 7 Stay contact with us. If you have anything to say please feel free to share


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