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Burrakatha Wiki – Trailer, Story, Cast & Crew, Release Date

Burrakatha Full Movie Download

Burrakatha is a 2019 Telugu language Action, Comedy, and Romantic Movie and Directed by Diamond Ratna BabuKiran Reddy and Srikanth Deepala have produced Burrakatha under the banner: Deepala Arts. Aadi, Mishti Chakraborty, and Rajendra Prasad have played the lead roles, while the supporting cast includes Posani Krishna Murali. Music is composed by the Music Director Sai Karthik, while Diamond Ratna Babu has provided the screenplay. Below, in this article, you can find the details about Burrakatha Full Movie Download and also where to watch Burrakatha Full movie Online.

Burrakatha Trailer

Deepala Arts had already released Burrakatha Trailer on YouTube, which is well received by the audience. The Trailer has reached more than 1.1M views since the video is uploaded on YouTube.

Movie Details:

  • Movie Name: Burrakatha
  • Release Date: 5 July 2019
  • Genre: Action Comedy
  • Language: Telugu
  • Cast & Crew:  Aadi, Mishti Chakraborty, Rajendra Prasad, and Posani Krishna Murali.
  • Director(s):  Diamond Ratna Babu
  • Producer(s): Kiran Reddy and Srikanth Deepali
  • Screenplay: Diamond Ratna Babu
  • Music Composer(s): Sai Karthik

The Box office collections for the film Burrakatha does not reach the expectations. The collections are average from day one and the trend continued for the rest of the days.

Aadi Two Brains Scene in Burrakatha

Burrakatha Movie Story

The story revolves around the Abhiram (Adi Saikumar), who has two brains at birth and behaves in two ways. Abhiram is somewhat like Abhi and Ram, with different personalities. This makes him behave like a dual personality and because of this Abhiram gets into some problems in his life. Abhi and Ram are raised like Ishwar Prasad (Rajendra Prasad), who is the father of Abhiram.

He looks forward to when Abhi and Ram will be thinking as one of the opposite poles. Abhi and Ram hope to find out that both of them have the same mind. One fine day, Happy (Mishti Chakraborty) enters in Abhi’s life then things get worse. To Know the rest of the story, make a move to watch the movie in nearest theaters.

Aadi and Mishti Chakraborthy In Burrakatha

Burra Katha is a film which has an interesting concept but the narration was no up to the mark. Even though the comedy generated does not have much connection with the story. The Review of this movie is a good response from the audience.

Burrakatha Full Movie Download 

Burrakatha Full Movie is released on July 5, make a visit to the nearest theatre with family and friends. Deepala Arts has not authorized any website to provide Full movie Download. Once the permission is granted this movie will be uploaded in legal sites. In the meanwhile, if you find any website for downloading Burrakatha movie then consider it as illegal which is a punishable act.

Where to watch Burrakatha Full Movie Online?

The Burrakatha movie will be available within a few months after its theaters. So, we have verified that the availability of Burrakatha Full Movie Download is not available in any of legal streaming websites. In the future, you can Watch Burrakatha Full Movie online on any of the following legal streaming websites. We will provide the link for Burrakatha movie once it’s uploaded in any of the legal sites.

    Piracy websites Like Tamilrockers, Dailymotion have leaked a number of Hollywood and Indian movies on the Internet, killing the hard work of the directors and the cast. Don’t watch movies online in these illegal leak websites.

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