Best Free Rich Snippets Plugin for WordPress


Free Rich Snippets Plugin for WordPress

To give a better understanding of your content, you use structured data. With the help of this, it becomes for Google to display your content in the search result. It is also seen that if your website comes in under rich content (AKA Rich Snippets) there is a higher chance to be on Rank #1 as well as the trust flow increases. This plays a very important role in getting more traffic to your websites. Hence, Rich Snippets come into the picture. Here you will find some of the best Free Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin.

If you have your platform in WordPress, then things are quite easy for you. Half of the work is done by WP. Also, to enhance your Rich Snippet experience, you might come across several plugins. But, which one’s best? Hence we are here to give you a proper detail on some of the Best Free Rich Snippet Plugins to have.

Top Free Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

All In One Rich Snippets

I have been using All In One, plugin for a while and this is one of the best schema markup plugins you can have. You can find a different plugin for different purposes, but this has all the rich snippets like ratings, images, videos, cooking, etc. That’s not all, but you have more options to customize the plugins.

Schema App Structured Data

Schema App Structured Data is one of the plugins who want to focus on overall snippets at once. What’s best about this Plugin is that, as soon as you activate it, it automatically creates markup for all the posts, pages and tags you have in your blog. Also, this plugin consists of Breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Searchbox and Your Site Name in Results, which you can find under their setting.

Types of Markup:

  • Page
  • Post
  • Search
  • Author
  • Category
  • Tag
  • Blog
  • BreadcrumbList
  • WebSite
  • WP Review

For those who have a review site, their only aim will be on all top review keywords. In this case, the rich snippet will help you to gain more traffic. It is seen that, when someone finds Ratings in the SERP result, the tendency to click on that link is high. This is why WP Review is considered to be one of the best plugins to get listed in Review Schema. Not only that it also has an option to add a custom conclusion section, which gives more value to your review.

Along with that, the plugin gives a nicer look to the entire article and make it look professional. Hence, if you have a review site then WP review is the plugin you should go for.

Which Rich Snippet Plugin To Use?

When you are planning to have a Rich Snippets plugin, then first you need to identify the type of Structure data you content needs.

For Example: If you have a review website, and instead of using WP review, you use some other snippets plugin, then there are chances that you might get the appropriate results.

Also, you cannot depend on just one plugin, hence we would suggest you try some other plugin’s so that you can stop looking for plugin’s once you have found the right one. You also have to check when the plugin was last updated. This ensures that the company is working on improving the plugin.

Don’t Forget to Check Structured Data of Your Content

Sometimes, you might not know that your article is having some Snippet issues. That’s why I always suggest checking the URL once in the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. If this is an issue due to the plugin, then you have room to add the issue to get it resolved in the next release. Or you can also rectify it from your developer if you have any.

So what is your favorite Rich Snippets tool? Do let me know in the comment below. Also, if you have any issues while using any plugin, you can feel free to ask us.

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