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Arjun Sarja

Arjun Sarja real’s name is Srinivasa Sarja. He is an Indian actor, producer, and director. The actor worked primarily in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada and also few movies in Malayalam and Hindi. Arjun Sarja Biography, Age, Family, Etc.

Arjun Sarja Biography

Arjun Sarja named in the film industry and fans are calls “Action King”. He starred in 1993 Gentleman Directed by S. Shankar’s this film blockbuster Movie. Arjun won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor. This time, he starred in hits such as Jai Hind (1994), Karnaa (1995).

Arjun had acted in more than 150 movies.present his 150th film, he has mostly performed in lead roles. He is one of the South Indian actors to attract the fan following from multiple states of India. He has directed 11 films and also produced and distributed a number of films.

Arjun Sarja Age,  Height

  • Arjun born on 15 August 1984


  • Height – 5’10”Feet inches


Weight – 80kg

Arjun Family

Arjun Sarja was born in Madhugiri, in the Mysore State. His father was Shakthi Prasad, he is a Kannada film actor, and his mother was Lakshmi, she is an art teacher.

Arjun Wife

He is married to Niveditha (Asha Rani), She is a former actress. He has two daughters, Aishwarya and Anjana.

Arjun Sarja with his wife and daughters

Arjun Sarja Top  Ten Movies 

1. Simhada Mari Sainya – 1981
2. Gentleman – 1993
3. Jai Hind – 1994
4. Karnaa – 1995
5. Kuruthipunal – 1995
6. Rhythm – 2000
7. Hanuman Junction – 2001
8. Sri Manjunatha – 2001
9. Ezhumalai – 2002
10. Giri – 2004

Arjun Sarja Upcoming Movies

  • Jack Daniel (malayalam) Release Date :4 jul 2019
  • Kurukshetra (Kanada)Release Date :9 Aug 2019
  • Contract (Kannada) Release Date :19 aug 2019
  • Peralai (Tamil) Release Date : 1 May 2020

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