6 creative games that you could play anywhere to boost your intelligence

6 creative games that you could play anywhere to boost your intelligence
6 creative games that you could play anywhere to boost your intelligence


Games that boost creative intelligence aren’t new. Chess, for instance, has been around for centuries. So, you may already have heard of similar games. 

Many of them, such as charades – a favorite family activity – you already know. But what is new is how easy it is now to play these games wherever you are. 

Moreover, playing them regularly will boost your brainpower. Truthfully, these are less games than disguised problem-solving exercises. On the one hand, they entertain us, and you have fun while playing. And, on the other, you exercise your creative intelligence too! 

But these days, it is tough to find time for a game night with the loved ones. So, how do you get a mental workout anywhere you happen to be? The good news being that you don’t need to carry a bulky chessboard to boost brainpower at all. Your phone’s all you’d require to boost your cognitive potential. 

Just as playing mobile video games can improve your way and extent of strategic thinking, these intelligence games will provide an intelligence workout for your brain. Now, the only question remains which of the available games are just entertainment and which will help you achieve your objective?

We offer the following solutions:

1. Dragon Ninja Rush

If you visited the Google Play Store, you’d see this game has quite a high rating. That’s because it takes you into a ninja’s world. In it, you – as the eponymous ninja – will get into fights and act out jumps. 

Your goal is to become the Ninja Master Warrior. But to get there, you must exercise your creativity! So, give it a try if only to find out what makes the game such a crowd favorite. Plus, anything with the prefix, Dragon, cannot be uncool. Right?

Dragon Ninja Rush


2. Peak

Gaming accessories enhance the experience even more. They help you become a part of the virtual reality environment you can see on the screen. However, Peak is a brain game that can also be played on the phone. 

What’s more, it isn’t just one game, but 45 of them rolled into one. Once you begin playing, you will see how it forces you to exercise your memory and problem-solving skills both. And it isn’t age-limited, so anyone can play.  

The objective behind Peak’s creation was to provide audiences with a creative way of improving cognition. However, its roots lie in science. You’ll like the feature that allows you to play Peak even while offline. Also, you can save your progress before logging off. Thus, next time, you can pick up the cognitive thread right where you left it.

Finally, Peak improves:

  • Mental agility
  • Emotion control
  • Coordination creativity

3. Terraria

In a study, dyslexic children played video games for 12 hours. The results show that the experience helped with dyslexia. Experts say the game commands the visual attention of the players, which is why it helps improve the symptoms of the disorder.

Now, imagine a game like Minecraft game. Its complexity guarantees that you cannot look away even momentarily or you lose the game. Terraria is like that only in 2D. In it, you build structures akin to those in Minecraft. And before you do so, you must think through your ideas. In short, Terraria forces you to think and strategize. Proof enough of the reason behind its immense popularity.


4. Skillz


Another brain game that you can play for free is Skillz. Its purpose is enhancing your memory skills after testing to see where they lie. After the analysis, the game provides you with brain exercises suited to doing just that. 

Now, if you’re playing the smaller games, you come away with memory improvement. But if you keep playing and move on to the more complicated ones, you’ll see a boost in your brain speed, flexibility, and attention. 

It shouldn’t surprise you that Skillz can do all that. After all, this University of Michigan study  — involving a game called Dual N-Back – shows just that. When players spend 25 minutes or more on the game, they experience an increased IQ score – by 4 points – and memory power boost. 

Skillz encourages you to adopt daily training by prompting you with a fresh challenge. But you can also pick weekly and monthly programs to do so. Moreover, with Skillz, you can:

  • Keep track of how you’re doing
  • Compare your scores by matching them against those of other players
  • Train your reflexes, such as improve your touch response and become more accurate and quicker



5. Scratch and Match Animal 

If you’re familiar with Unlimited Gamez mo, you must also know that the site offers unlimited games sans any downloading. Play to your heart’s content!

Regarding this particular strategy-based game, it requires matching animal cards after scratching them. But the twist is you only get 3 minutes to do so. When you beat the time, you raise your score.

The animals you’ll find on it, include: 

  • Giraffes
  • Cheetahs
  • Elephants
  • Monkeys
  • Rabbits
  • Tigers
  • Polar bears

6. Left vs. Right

The final entry on our creative games that boost intelligence list is Left vs. Right. It packs almost 50 games that hail from six different categories. Their magic is in how they exercise both sides of the brain. 

For instance, you may play a game where you memorize items and then recall them. Or, you can train your reflexes by tapping the fastest moving shape. And then there are others where you must calculate your share of a bill based on what others pay. In short, your brain enters good workouts each time you play Left vs. Right. Record your progress and sign up for a month’s worth of games, if you like it. Additionally, the game is also available for Android users.

And that concludes our intelligence-boosting games count. You will also appreciate how they get you to exercise your creativity, as well as memory, reflexes, and strategize. In the end, we’d recommend returning to them time and again. Why, you ask? Because they’re much more beneficial for your mental wellbeing than the other android games that are just fun to play!